About the CCLC

Jazz recording artist Pam Parker founded the Charm City Labor Chorus in 2008.  She had been an active member of the DC Labor Chorus for 10 years and a peace and justice singer since the age of 17.

After the early chorus sang as part of the DC Labor Chorus’s Evening of Favorite and Sacred Songs, Pam put out a call for a director.  Darryl! L.C. Moch, a theater person (specializing in dance) who is phenomenal with audiences of all sizes, responded. Darryl! has led us ever since.

Our goal is to raise awareness of the current and historic struggles for equality and justice, to motivate people to act as agents of social change, and to build energy and solidarity within the progressive community.  We aim to build a chorus that is diverse in race, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, class, culture, religious affiliation and physical ability among people sharing a commitment to labor struggles and social justice.

Chorus members are volunteers who are union members, pro-union progressives, social justice activists and friends who love to sing and harmonize. We are students, workers, retirees and the unemployed.  We sing songs from the labor and civil rights movements and struggles for peace, justice and equality.

Core values of the CCLC

  • Respect – to treat each other with integrity and support each member at her/his own level of musical knowledge or singing ability and encourage each member's full potential;
  • Quality – to work toward artistic excellence and professional appearance while retaining passion and joy;
  • Responsibility – to be open and accountable with high integrity in all fiscal and artistic endeavors to our members, audience and community;
  • Courtesy and collegiality at all times to fellow chorus members, to the director, and to the community, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie among members;
  • Service to the labor movement, celebrating, promoting and supporting its culture.


We present an annual Spring concert and perform at rallies, small venues, and union conferences throughout the year.   Periodically we perform the National Anthem at AFL-CIO Night at Camden Yards.

The chorus has now grown to about 30 people and has a wonderful accompanist Chester Burke, Jr.,



Darryl! L.C. Moch

Karen Cook
Lynn Cripps
Laura Gillis
Myra Hettleman
Ethna Hopper
Faye Houston
Helen Langa
Kerry Lattimore
Claudia Leight
Martha Montgomery
Margaret Mullins
Pam Parker
Angela Sabo
Karen Scott


Jim Baldridge
Marty Dwyer
Fred D. Mason III
Rod Ryon
Jim Smith

In Memorium
Dee Turner

Chester Burke, Jr.
Vincent Henningfield

Aisha Bain
Marilyn Carlisle
Becka Garonzi
Vickie Hedian
Sue Lattimore
Leona Lee
Jacqueline Nerette
Shirley Parry
Susan Quass
Betty Robinson
Jean Turner Schreier
Emma Vignola

Renaud Brown
Meryl Damasiewicz
Craig Brown-Dickens
Terrence Broxton
Marilyn Julius
David Kandel
Lane Levine*
Pierre Williams

*On leave


If you are interested in joining us, email CharmCityLaborChorus@gmail.com.